Submission Analysis
A mechanism has been put in place  for the submission of suspected or confirmed malicious software, including scripts, mobile code, log files of suspected activity, and viruses.

Signatures or fingerprints of code become important in solving the problem and developing a fix. Especially true in the event of Internet worms such as “I Love You” and “Ramen”. While this is corrective vice preventative action, it does help the masses that might be otherwise touched by some ill-intentioned cyber malware.

If you suspect a virus or your system has been compromised and you have log files and/or residual scripts, you can submit them to We will do some cursory analysis and if it is deemed to be malicious, we will post a fix, offer advice, and/or forward it on to the appropriate commercial labs for action. Confidentiality will be a top priority. Sanitization of logs and/or correlating data indicating vulnerabilities in an organizations security will be carried out wherever possible, however maintains the right to post analysis on submitted materials within the domain and material submitted becomes the property of to redistribute as the site members see fit.

Submission Instructions
1. Digitally sign your submission with PGP. This will authenticate the origin and verify the integrity of submissions. Unsigned submissions will not receive any reply or follow-up from


PGP is an acronym for Pretty Good Privacy. It is a public key encryption system developed by Network Associates Inc. A freeware version of PGP is available from MIT (some licensing restrictions apply). More information on PGP is available at

2. Compress the code or attachment with WinZip and password protect the file with the password "infected".

3. Email the submission to Include details of your case with the submission.

Audit and Intrusion Detection Services
Network auditing services are available in limited capacity.  Send an email to for more information.  Service requests are fielded to members who will correspond to the requestor.  Please indicate what type of service is required, size of network, time commitment expected etc.  This will help the members figure out whether they can handle the request and save everyone involved time.  Prices for service are negotiable between the member and the requestor.

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