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Members have had the privilege of a Newsletter since the sites inception.  Those who have  been asking about the site and thinking about whether or not it would be beneficial to join or just want to see whats going on are welcome to join the Members-Associates mail list. Send an email to members-associates-help@whitehats.ca. Instructions on how to join the list will be sent to you.

This will be a low volume list and will include things that seem relevant to the members as well as security updates and news about major changes to the site.  This will not mirror directly what is distributed to the members, but gives non-members a chance to glean some benefit from our members.

I would sum the members-associates list up as a good way to monitor Whitehats.ca without having to continually come back (unless you like hanging out here - which would be great).

Members are subscribed to a members only list. This is a good way of keeping all our members up-to-date on current events and allow for brainstorming, co-ordinated problem solving, and distribution of shared information.

If you have an idea for a list, whether your a member or not, drop a line to webmaster@whitehats.ca and we will look into the feasability of hosting the suggested list.

Jamie French

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