The Internet is pretty difficult to backup isnít it?  I canít count the number of times Iíve found a great paper or resource only to find it gone the next time I go looking for it.  A classic example is the website and the arachNIDS database. It's back online now but was sorely missed by many while it was unavailable for an extended period of months.  With this in mind I have started a collection of some very good reference papers and with the permission of the original authors, replicated them here.  Hopefully these will be available to the public for a long time to come.

If you have an exceptional resource or something IS/IT related that you would like published, send it to and we will see if it can be published on the site.  Not all submission will be hosted but the really good ones that make indispensable references will.





Installation Instructions for ACID
By: Chris Payne
This document serves as a how-to install the Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases (ACID) on Linux guide.

Q Analysis - "On Q"
By: Les Gordon

This research paper goes in depth to disect what the Q trojan by mixter is all about.
Synscan the worm enabler of the new Milennium
By: Donald Smith
A paper that identifies distinguishable features of many scanning tools distributed with worms and rootkits, focused on the evloution of the well known scanner SynScan.

Use of ICMP - In a  Non-Convention Way
By: Tan Koon Yaw

A paper describing some excellent techniques on how to perform reconnaisance using the ICMP protocol.  From access control list rule identification to active OS fingerprinting, if this paper doesnít have the answer to your questions, the references included will.

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