This site will operate primarily by the support of itís membership.  One of the goals of this site is to remain free of Industry critisism relating to the acceptance of sponsorship and the endorsement of products.  Maintaining this freedom will cost money out of the members pockets, but will provide piece of mind that I believe will more than pay for itself in ethical and moral respect from the people who make up this industry.

The cost of membership is $10.00 per month in Canadian dollars.  If you have a problem with paying in this currency then contact for an explination of your situation.  Memberships will be billed on a monthly basis from the date of activation.  Activations will occur on the 1st and 15th of each month.  You will be notified when your membership is accepted and activated.  Background checks will be conducted to confirm applicant information prior to membership being granted.  The process takes approximately 5 business days.

There is a code of ethics for the site.  Please read and either accept or decline the following code prior to submitting your Membership Application.. Code of Ethics and Conduct

1. Members of will conduct themselves in a thoroughly professional manner at all times. Members will always act in an ethical, responsible, and above all, lawful manner.

2. Members of who find vulnerabilities will work in good faith with the vendor while striving for a mutually acceptable resolution. All members of will adhere to our sites Responsible Disclosure Policy posted online at

3. Members of will strive to educate users with factual information, and will not misrepresent themselves or the organisation.

4. Members of will do their best to contribute to the community as a whole whether that be through presenting information on the web site or through other avenues.



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