Being a member has itís priviledges! is looking for outspoken members of the IS/IT community who have the motivation and desire to post their material online.

Here is what members are offered:


  • Hosting your IS/IT related documents within your own subdirectory.  The present capacity cap is 5MB per member.  This may be increased in the future.  If there is something important to post that breaks this limit, something can be worked out.
  • A email address,
  • A white hat, style of your choice. For pics see the sales area.
  • A message forum for posting online discussions,
  • The combined resources of a dedicated group of computer fanatics who love solving computer related problems,
  • A site that will be indexed and searchable
  • Have a higher throughput of visitor traffic due to a combined portfolio of research and resources availalbe to visitors,
  • Contribute content to a mailing list, and
  • Have an unbiased and non-commercial place to call home.
  • If you would like to find out more about becoming a member, follow this Memberships link.

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