Nos Pugna Malum

"A nerd is someone whose life revolves around computers
and technology. A geek is someone whose life revolves
around computers and technology, and likes it!!"
-- Anonymous

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..... After many years of scrabbling about in small clots and mobs of their own kind, Geeks like myself finally decided that the time had come to express themselves to their peers and the world at large in a way that was, well, uniquely Geeky. Thus, the Geek code was born, followed many years later by its successor, the Omnicode...

My Omnicode -

---------------------- Start OmniCode 0.1.6 block ----------------------
sxy cm172 skf8bba9 ha845a42 ey006633 esO.glasses sp= Ag1970 anC.Irish/Scottish/Welsh hdd Lo45,19_N-75,40W ZoG LAEN(9)&FR(2)&GD(1)&SH(1) Crc(7)^(9)&M(7)^(9)&O(8)^(9).Communications_Analyst&O(8)^(9).Network_Intrusion_Detection_Analyst Hbcomputers.network_security&computers.internet&reading.sci-fi/fantasy&music.Celtic/Folk PlD.Right MvD&B&W Kd! PeC.MaineCoon&C.Tabby MBiNTj.Master_Mind FH! UFAJ&Greg AdC PrBASIC(5)&C+(4)&HTML(6)
---------- End Omnicode Block ----------

An Omnicode decoder can be found here.


My Geek Code -

----- BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK (Version: 3.1) -----
GCC/IT d+ s:+ a C$++++ U$L++++H++S++ P$+ L++ E--- W$+++ N++ o+
K++ w$-- O M- V-- PS+ PE Y++ PGP++ t*+ 5++ X+ R+++ tv+ b++ DI++++ D G+ e h r-- y+ UF+
------ END GEEK CODE BLOCK ------

A Geek Code decoder can be found here.



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