Peter Giannoulis

Peter Giannoulis is an Information Security Consultant for Access 2 Networks Inc., a Toronto, Ontario based information security consulting firm. He has worked in the security field for the last five years with small, medium and large organizations. He has specialized in the design and implementation of client perimeter defenses, intrusion detection systems, performing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. He is also an instructor for Check Point, Nokia IP Security, and Shiva VPN products.

Peter is an Authorized Grader for the SANS Institute Security Essentials track and has participated as a member of the SANS Intrusion Detection Immersion Curriculum Team. He also works with the GSEC Local Mentor Program in Toronto, Ontario and has recently become active within the community. His current certifications include: GSEC, CISSP, CCSA, CCSE, CCSE+, CCSI, CCNA, INFOSEC, CCSP, & MCSE.

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