OSI Model


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Manages Communications between applications

Ultimately responsible for managing the communications between applications.

- Application such as Telnet, FTP, etc


Add structure to units of data being exchanged

Provide a common representation of application layer data. Basically responsible for adding structures to the units of data that are exchanged.

- XDR (eXternal Data Representation)


Adds control mechanisms to data exchange

Provides the management and data flow control services.

- RPC (Remote Procedure Call)


Establish, maintain, and release transport connections

Responsible for the reliability and multiplexing of data transfer across the network to the level provided by the application.

- TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) RFC 793

- UDP (User Datagram Protocol) RFC 768


Connections between network hardware

Responsible for the data transfer across the network, independent of both the media comprising the underlying sub- networks and topology of those sub-networks.

- IP (Internet Protocol) RFC 791, 894

- ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) RFC 286

- RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol)

- ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) RFC 826


Physical transfer of data

Responsible for the transmission, framing and error control over a single communications link.

- Ethernet IEEE 802.3


Physical propriety

Responsible for the mechanical and electrical interface to the communications media.

- Ethernet IEEE 802.2

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