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Professional Publications:

    Professional Memberships:

Jeff's GCIA Practical - Honors (MS Word format)

    SANS Authorized GCIA Grader

Jeff's GCIH Practical

    SANS GCIA Advisory Board Member

Netmask-based ICMP Echo Request Smurf Broadcast
Scanning with Crafted ICMP Payloads using SendIP

    SANS GCIH Advisory Board Member

Jeff's GSEC Paper - DNS Security

Jeff's GCUX Paper - Audit of Gauntlet 5.5 Firewall
(Running on Solaris 2.6 with BIND 8.2.3-REL)

Jeff's GIAC Practical Presentation at SANS Orlando 2002

Tools, Misc. Items and links so important I had to list them:

Jeff's MS Acess DB from his SANS GCIA Practical "Analyze This" Assignment

ASCII to HEX to Standard Character Codes Table    (Indespensible when inspecting packet payloads)

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