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Who are the Whitehats.ca?  We are an association of Canadian Information Security (IS) and Information Technology (IT) guruís.  Our members all participate actively in the global community known as the Internet and could be considered the neighbourhood watch.  The objective of this site is to create a comfortable place where IS/IT professionals can hang their hats, kick up their feet, discuss issues of concern within the industry and post their research and findings for the world wide community.  To find out more about becoming a member follow the link...

Presidentís Message
I would like to thank all those involved with the creation of this site, especially my wife and son.  The sacrifice they have made in providing me the time to manage this site is incredible.  While this site is dedicated to computer security related issues, I must ask that everyone take a moment to think about the social issues affecting your life.  Cyberspace collides with reality quite often in my life and when my son looks at me I realize that reality is way cooler than computers ever will be.  Take a moment, go for some fresh air, and ponder your reality.  If it isnít what you want it to be, do something about it...

Jamie French

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